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It is the primary goal of the H. Del Beekley Rowing Foundation to pool the resources of our alumni and supporters to provide the SDSU Men’s Crew with the additional financial support that is necessary to ensure it’s longevity and success. The current Aztecs are pushing ahead with impressive momentum. The team has now reached a point where they have been able to sustain two paid coaches for five years straight. Now with outstanding coaching, the foundation aims to ensure both current and future oarsmen are well-equipped for success

If you share in our goal of helping SDSU Men’s Crew regain its competitive level, please take the opportunity to Donate to this fund. If you’re not able to donate at this time but would still like to help, feel free to attend one of our board meetings or contact the Board of Directors.

The secondary goal of the H. Del Beekley rowing foundation is to provide a single point of contact for alumni to learn about the current state of the program, and to reconnect with their teammates from years past.

Any support would be greatly appreciated

Go Aztecs!

Recent Announcements

  • We need your feedback: Aztec Crew Alumni Survey
    The H. Del Beekley Rowing Foundation is currently planning future milestones, events, and areas of support for Aztec Rowing. After a tough period for collegiate rowing and the world overall, there has never been a more crucial time to take a step back, ask the important questions, and ensure we’re focusing on what’s most important. As an […]
  • Aztec Update: July 2021
    After digging up this picture from the archives, we reached out to have our alumni identify it, and they didn’t disappoint! We received several responses that identified the boat as the 1984-85 Lightweight crew that had a 33-3 record that year and had the opportunity to represent the program at the Royal Henley Regatta in […]
  • Dennis “Denny” Coates (1961-62)
    In 1960, Del Beekley led the effort to restart the rowing program at San Diego State. Back then, the team would row out of the 1891 Rowing Club at the foot of 5th Avenue, San Diego Bay. I showed up for the first meeting in a coat-&-tie. Del got me on a rowing machine then […]
  • Aztec Update: April 2021
    Current Team Status The team continues to persevere and maintain camaraderie throughout the pandemic. Coach Craig has met with the team regularly via zoom as they continue to train independently. While San Diego County has continued to ease COVID restrictions, the university has committed to strict testing protocols to ensure athlete safety. With only a […]
  • Where are they now? – Levi Imbuzan (2012-2017)
    Born in Romania, Levi immigrated with his parents to the United States in 1998. His heart was set on joining the Marine Corps since he was 12 years old, but his dreams were dashed when his parents refused to sign the paperwork to allow him to join at 17. Not yet possessing the cognitive abilities […]
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