Aztec Rowing Mentorship Program


The men’s rowing program at San Diego State has produced more than just talented rowers. We know that the qualities we build during our collegiate rowing careers can be just as easily applied to the workplace after graduation. Over the years, our team has amassed an expansive network of alumni in virtually every line of work. The H. Del Beekley Foundation wants to help form a bridge between our experienced alumni and our current athletes who are pondering life after college. To accomplish this, we are proud to announce the launch of the Aztec Rowing Mentorship Program!

Our goal is to match up current athletes interested in a career field with an alumnus/alumnae who has experience in that field. As you get to know your mentee, you can help them navigate his or her career path, provide insights into your industry, and offer guidance on various aspects of professional development.

We encourage you to share how your time as an Aztec rower impacted your career and personal development. Many of us have success stories where our involvement with the sport has helped us land a job offer, build a new relationship,  win a client, or make a sale. It is crucial that our athletes know the power of simply having collegiate rowing on their resumes. Even more important, our athletes need to know how powerful the dedication, perseverance, teamwork, and willpower they are building as Aztec rowers can help them excel in their careers and personal lives.

What Careers and Experience Levels We Are Looking For

Any of them! If you are a former Aztec athlete that would like to give back to the team and impact the lives of current athletes, we would love to have you! Whether you are a recent graduate, a mid-career professional, or a retired industry veteran, we know you will have valuable insight that will help guide them as they take the crucial first steps of their career path. Even if we can’t find a match in terms of career field, we would still love to have you participate in the program! There is still plenty of wisdom to be imparted to our students as they prepare to venture into the real world.

What to Expect

Starting in the fall semester, we will pair you up with a mentee. He or she will be given your contact information and will be encouraged to be proactive by reaching out to set up an introduction. If you are in the San Diego area, feel free to meet up in person for coffee or lunch. If you are not local or unavailable to meet in-person, you are always welcome to set up a virtual meeting or phone call.

We ask that you be available to speak with your mentee at least twice a semester. 

One final note: Although we love to hear stories like this, the ability to connect your mentee with an internship or career opportunity is absolutely not a requirement to participate in this program. Your experience, knowledge, and insight will be plenty helpful to your fellow Aztec.


If you would like to be a part of the program, please fill out the form below. After the semester begins, we will survey our athletes for their career aspirations and assign each mentee a mentor. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!

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