Where are they now?


The H. Del Beekley Rowing Foundation has honor of being supported by a long history of athletes that have donned the Red and Black to compete as SDSU Oarsman. After meeting countless alumni at events and hearing their stories of life during and after crew, we decided to take on the task of regularly posting some of the stories to answer the question “Where are they now?”

  • Where are they Now? – Glenn Schweighardt – SDSU 1973-1974
    As a 5th year senior at SDSU in ’73/’74, it was my last year to get a Varsity jacket. As a Community College transfer, I sat out the spring semester so I could start in the Fall of ’71 with all the other new students. Tennis was my primary sport at the time. However, my JC did not have tennis and the Athletic Director would not let me start a program, hence my tennis career took a nosedive – other than me teaching private lessons and entering SoCal tournaments. Fast forward to the Fall of ’73. My roommate, who I […]

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