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Hi Everyone,

The spring racing season is almost upon us!  The team has been putting in the effort to get faster this year, and we have lots to discuss!  Also, the San Diego Crew Classic is quickly closing in, and this year would be a great year for you to attend if you haven’t been in a few years!

Team Update
Crew Classic – March 31 & April 1
SDSU Baseball Event – May 5
Team Fundraisers
* Crew Classic
* Escript
* Rent A Rower


Team Update

The team keeps growing in size.  During the winter break, the members of the team were actively running around the SDSU campus recruiting new rowers. All said, 7 new rowers and 4 new coxswains have signed up to represent the red and black!

The team has continued fundraising for a new racing shell.  Over $2000 has been raised and the team is continuing to raise more money.  Feel free to contact us or them if you are interested in donating to this cause, otherwise, try to participate in one of the many fundraisers the team has going!

The spring season has just begun.  The team is in the midst of racing every week for the next 4 weeks.  Next weekend they travel to Newport Beach to race against USD, UCSB, UCI, Long Beach and UCSD.  The following weekend (March 10), they head out to Arizona for a race against ASU in the Desert Sprints.  The next weekend, they will be on Lake Natoma in a dual-meet against UC Davis.

After that, the team takes a weekend off to prepare for the Crew Classic!  See the team’s full schedule here:


Crew Classic

This year, the Crew Classic will be on March 31 & April 1.  This is a great event for everyone to attend, especially if you haven’t attended for a few years!

The SDSU Men’s team is looking to enter 3 events this year.  Also, an Alumni boat, consisting of rower from the early 2000s will be participating on Sunday!
As usual, the Foundation will be putting together our annual BBQ on Sunday.  We’ll be cooking up Carne & Pollo Asada Burritos, along with various snacks. This a good opportunity to mingle with fellow alumni, meet the current rowers and see lots of rowing!

The Crew Classic also represents the time when the foundation hosts our annual meeting.  We are still working on a final location and time, however, the meeting will likely be at 5PM at the Woodstock’s Pizza in Pacific Beach.  (We are trying to work out a system where a percentage of everyone’s purchases goes to the team)

This event is designed to elect the foundation leadership, review what has been accomplished in the past year, and to set the direction of the foundation over the next year.  It typically takes about 90 minutes, and it is worth your time.


SDSU Baseball Event

On May 5, the foundation is putting together another event.  This time, we will be attending the SDSU baseball game at Tony Gywnn Stadium.  Tickets are $8, and we will likely meet up at a restaurant before the game.  We’ll have full details available at Crew Classic!


Team Fundraisers!

Crew Classic Tickets

The team is still selling tickets to the Crew Classic!  For $10, you’ll gain admission into the festivities, and the team will get $2.  Your last day to get the discount is  March 16, so contact Lawson (the team president) ASAP!


The team had been using eScript for Vons Club customers, however, they have recently discontinued that program.  However, by entering your credit card information, the team will earn 2.5% whenever you dine at a participating restaurant.  To enroll, follow these instructions:

Click the “Join Now” Button.
Create an account (if you don’t have one, or re-login with your existing eScript information)
Click on the “Add Cards” link.
Enter your credit card information.  (You will not get charged)
That’s it!

Rent a Rower

As usual, the team is willing to extend a helping hand to your manual labor chores.  With a simple email to Coach (Brian Robison <>), he can arrange to have many young men arrive at your house to perform this work!  All it takes is a donation to the team to make it happen!  The rowers are able to work off their annual dues this way!


Beekley Foundation Information

The Beekley Foundation was founded by SDSU Rowing Alumni with the intention of pooling together our resources to help SDSU Crew regain the competitive level it once held.  If you are interested in making a donation, please contact us ( or by mailing a check to:

H. Del Beekley Rowing Foundation

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