Aug 302023

Since our inception, the H. Del Beekley Rowing Foundation has managed our donations through a Donor Advised Fund at the San Diego Foundation. While nothing about that relationship has changed, the San Diego Foundation recently moved their secure online donation system to a new and improved platform called Blackbaud.

The great news for us is that

  • The new donation form is significantly easier to fill out, with a much cleaner design than the previous system, making it easier than ever to sign up for the 1925 Club!
  • It allows both Credit Card-based online donations as well as the ability to set up Direct Debit from a personal or business bank account

So, if you haven’t donated in a while, or have been looking for an excuse to join our highly successful 1925 Club, please head on over to our new donation portal and try it on for size!

Donate Online

Even small donations make a big difference over time. Most recently, they helped us to purchase $6000 worth of parts so that the team could start the year with the fleet working at its best.

The only bad news is that our existing 1925 Club patrons will need to re-enroll in the new platform in order to continue their support. So, we’ll be reaching out to work on getting all of our existing donors converted to our new system beginning in September.

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