Apr 152012

Thanks to everyone who came to the annual meeting at Woodstock’s pizza.  We had quite a few former rowers (and current rowers on the team) make it out.  Since the team made 25% on whatever we purchased, I’m sure that the team made a couple hundred dollars!


The meeting began a few minutes after 6PM (the scheduled start was 5PM, however, many members requested a delay to watch the novice 8 race in the petite finals)

All 5 officers (Jake Wittler – President, Andy Olson – VP, Jon Singer – Treasurer, Dan Smith – Secretary & Lawson Navarro – Team President) were present, as well as about 20 alumni, a handful of team members and a handful of supporters.

Lawson talked about the status of the team.  There are 33 active members of the team (28 rowers and 5 coxswains).  The team has been growing the past few years, and the team looks forward to seeing a larger turnout next year.  After Crew Classic, there are 3 races left for the team.  The team is looking to raise some money to travel to Georgia for the ARCA rowing championships (in a lightweight 4 boat)

Dan spoke about some of the items the foundation has worked on over the past year.  We were able to send out more emails to our alumni, we helped organize the “War Games”, where the William Francis was dedicated.  From a social standpoint, a bunch of former Aztec rowers went to watch the Padres play last August, and we look forward to seeing you at the SDSU/UNLV baseball game on May 5.

Jon talked about the foundation financials.  The endowment fund still has around $11,000 in it, and the “day to day” account currently has about $1,500 available.  There are many ways to donate, cash and check can be mailed to the foundation, and we will be happy to provide you electronic routing information.

Andy was looking for ideas on how to get more alumni involved.  The foundation hasn’t grown as much as we had hoped.  Our long term goal is to generate enough money for an endowment to subsidize a full-time coach’s salary.  Some ideas were generated, and will be put into action by the board.

The same board was reelected.

Thanks to everyone who came.  We look forward to everyone attending the next meeting:  April 6, 2013.

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