Jun 122011

On June 6, the H. Del Beekley Rowing Foundation board met at Woodstocks.  The full board was present.  See the full meeting minutes for all the information about the meeting, but here are some highlights:

  • Mike Buckel is back as the team president.  This will be his second year as president
  • The team is expecting to return over 20 rowers, and Head Coach Brian Robison and
  • Lots of ideas thrown around for keeping our alumni involved:
    • Next Event will be at the Horse Races.  Mike Clodfelter will arrange a date.  Keep your eyes open for an email from us!
    • Dan Smith will look into doing a baseball game with the LA alumni at either Dodger Stadium or Angel Stadium
    • A big push will be made for the ‘Aztec War Games’ alumni event in October.  That weekend will feature an alumni boat race, a golf tournament, and the SDSU/TCU football game at Qualcomm Stadium.  Mark your calendar for October 8 & 9!

As always, keep in touch with us for the latest information!

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