The team is ready for WIRA’s, are you ready for an Alumni Row!

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Apr 252018

We were happy to see so many of you at Crew Classic this year!  We were also excited to have both the Varsity 8 and Novice 8 racing in finals on Sunday.  The Varsity 8 pretty handily took out Long Beach in their heat, and secured a 6th place finish in the Petite Final on Sunday.  The Novice 8 took 2nd in their heat – behind only Cal – which landed them in the Grand Finals on Sunday, where they narrowly missed the podium by finishing 4th overall.  In addition to the boats making the Sunday finals, the team was also able to field a 2nd Varsity 8 that raced on Saturday to round out their showing at the event. With two 8’s of athletes on Varsity, and almost a full second eight of novices, the team is continuing to use their numbers to drive inter-squad competition as they prepare for WIRAs.

As the Sunday Finals drew to a close, we once again fired up a 6-foot grill to cook and serve over 60 pounds of Carne and Pollo Asada for our annual team, alumni, and family BBQ.  As with all of our previous years of hosting the event, the team was very grateful to meet and greet the alumni in attendance, and nobody walked away hungry!
After all of the BBQ had been cooked, all of the Alumni in attendance gathered at the tent to kick off the 10th Anniversary Annual Meeting of the H. Del Beekley Rowing Foundation.  This year we highlighted the successful events of the past year, then took a stroll down memory lane to remember some of the major successes we’ve had over our first decade. While an official copy of the meeting minutes will be available on the Beekley Rowing website, we wanted to introduce you to your new Board of Directors for the coming year.

  • President → Andy Olson.  Andy originally started the foundation 10 years ago, re-joined the board as President last year, and has happily accepted the job for another year.
  • Vice President → Bernard Aparicio.  Bernard accepted the VP role after serving the board last year in one of our At Large positions where he proved to be a very passionate and valuable asset.
  • Secretary → Brandt Watson.  Brandt also spent last year serving the Board in an At Large position where his efforts promoting the team and events on Social Media made him an obvious choice to fill the role of Secretary.
  • Treasurer → Steve Lewis.  Steve returns for his third year as Treasurer and remains as passionate as ever about supporting the goals of the alumni and the board.
  • At-Large → Matt Stewart.  Matt participated in several events and helped the Board prepare the Boat Fund and Membership mailer this year and is looking forward to officially serving in the coming year.
  • At-Large → Haakon Christoffer Jonsmyr. Chris is finishing up his final year as team Commodore and will be transitioning to an At Large role to continue helping the team in the coming year.

A special thanks to Dan Smith who stepped down this year after serving as the Foundation’s secretary for the last 9 years. He is by far the longest serving officer the Board has seen and has certainly been the glue that has connected the Board through the years.

The newly elected Board will be continuing last year’s focus of reconnecting the alumni and the team through communication and events.  Additionally, the Board is dedicated to do the work necessary to raise the funds needed to put an updated 8-man racing shell in the boathouse during the upcoming season.  Many alumni have already generously contributed, so we’re off to a great start in building the fund.  At this point, we are working with the team and coaches to find the desired boat and get a final price so that we can accomplish this goal.

If you missed Crew Classic and are looking for the next alumni event, you’re in luck.  Have you been itching to get back in a racing shell on beautiful Mission Bay? Well here’s your chance! On Saturday May 5th at 7:30 am, come down and relive the glory days as you join with fellow alumni to give the current Aztec oarsmen a run for their money. We are looking to put together several eights with former rowers and coxswains from every era. A $20 buy-in gets you a seat, first come, first served (fitness not required). If you would like to participate, contact us ( or a member of the board and we will reserve your seat.  After the rowing, the team will be celebrating the end of their year “Cinco de Mayo” style with a taco cart run by the family of a fallow alumni.  Any participants or spectators interested in sticking around for the food are being asked to contribute $10 to offset the cost. So come down and show your support for SDSU Men’s Crew as the athletes prepare for ACRAs (American Collegiate Rowing Association Championships in Gainesville, GA).

Please contact us if you have any questions!
Go Aztecs!

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July 2017 Updates

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Jul 122017

Hello SDSU Rowing Alumni, Family & Supporters!

Welcome to the dog days of summer.  The rowing season is now over, and the rowers are around the world enjoying their summer.  Soon, though, it will all end, and the next season of SDSU Crew will begin!

First, thanks to all of the alumni who showed up for our alumni row on May 6.  We ended up with 3 full 8s of alumni.  We had many generations of SDSU Crew rowers involved, but all of the alumni and team were especially impressed with the performance of Dennis Coates, who last rowed in SDSU colors under Del Beekley in the 1960s!  Thanks to your generosity, we raised over $600 for the team!  All the photos are available here:

The team’s varsity 8 was faster than any of our alumni boats, but the Aztec Alumni gave a spirited attempt to push the team before they headed off to Georgia for the American Collegiate Rowing Association National Championship Regatta (ACRAs).  

Speaking of ACRAs, SDSU finished the year by sending the Varsity 8 to the ACRA rowing championships in Georgia.  The team drove themselves from San Diego to Gainesville, GA.  Upon arrival they found out they were going to be racing against 35 other colleges, most of whom flew out to Georgia.  The team rowed their best races of the season, and finished 21st overall.  To read the full trip report, click here:

The team is looking forward to having a large number of returning rowers next spring.  They are lead by Chris Jonsmyr, who is team President for the 2017-2018 season.  We will send information about all of the officers in our next email!


We have several events planned over the next few months!  These events are a great way to get re-acquainted with your former teammates, and meet other alumni and the current team members.

First, on July 29, we are going to head to Petco Park to watch the Padres play the Pittsburg Pirates.  Both teams are fairly evenly matched, so it should be a great game!  If you are interested in attending, tickets will be $30/person…respond to this email ( for information on how to purchase tickets!

Our next event after that will be SDSU homecoming weekend.  On the morning of October 14, we will have another alumni race against the team, followed by a tailgate at Aztec Warrior Stadium (a.k.a. Qualcomm Stadium), where SDSU will compete against Fresno St!  We will send out more information on how to join the festivities later this fall!

In February 2018, expect to see the 2nd H. Del Beekley Golf Scramble.  More details will be forthcoming, but if you or your company are interested in sponsoring the tournament or a hole or helping us with event preparation, please let us know!

Finally, everything is leading up to the Crew Classic on March 25 & 26, 2018.  This year will mark the 10th anniversary of the founding of the H. Del Beekley Rowing Association, and we are expecting a large number of alumni to be traveling for the event.  Please mark that date on your calendar, and try to make it to San Diego for the event!


H. Del Beekley Event Day
Alumni Race 6-May-17
Padres Game 29-Jul-17
Mens Crew Recruitment Meeting 31-Aug-17
Mens Crew Recruitment Meeting 7-Sep-17
Alumni Row 14-Oct-17
SDSU Homecoming Game 14-Oct-17
Alumni Golf Tournament ?-Feb-18
SDCC Banquet 23-Mar-18
SDCC Race/Meeting 24-Mar-18
Alumni Row ?-May-18


SDSU Mens Crew Event Day
Mens Crew Recruitment Meeting 31-Aug-17
Mens Crew Recruitment Meeting 7-Sep-17
Alumni Row 14-Oct-17
Head of the American 28-Oct-17
San Diego Fall Classic 12-Nov-17
Head of the Harbor ?-Now-17
San Diego Winter Classic  (tentative) 10-Dec-17
Gruenberg Cup ?-Mar-18
Lake Las Vegas Invitational (tentative) ?-Mar-18
Opening Day Regatta (tentative) ?-Mar-18
Parker Cup ?-Mar-18
Newport Regatta ?-Mar-18
San Diego City Champs ?-Mar-18
SDCC Banquet 23-Mar-18
SDCC Race 24-Mar-18
WIRA 28-Apr-18
Alumni Row ?-May-18
ACRA 26-May-18


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Feb 2013 Beekley Foundation Newsletter (SDSU Crew)

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Feb 162013

Everyone at the Beekley Rowing Foundation wants to wish you a Happy New Year!  The rowers on the team have been out on the water for the last month and they have been working hard every day.

This month, we have quite a bit to report.  Please let us know if you have any questions about the team, or any topics we should cover, let us know!  (Expect a formal agenda sent out next month)

* Team Update
* Team Schedule
* Boat Dedications
* Foundation News
* Old Trophies
* Crew Classic


Team Update

The SDSU Crew team has steadily been growing in size the last few years.  Last year, the team finished the season with one Varsity 8, a Varsity 4 & a Novice 8.  Now that school has started at SDSU, we’re pleased to see that there are 2 full varsity 8s, and three novice 8s rowing every day at practice.  Many of these rowers are lightweights, so expect to see the rebirth of our successful lightweight program!


Team Schedule

The schedule isn’t 100% set yet for the season, however we know that SDSU has entered into the following races.  We will keep you up to date with the changes

* The Gruenberg Cup:  February 23, 2013 – SDSU will take on Long Beach State & USC in the first edition of the Gruenberg Cup.  (Yes, this event is named after former SDSU rower Josh Gruenberg)

* Desert Sprints:  March 9, 2013 – SDSU travels to Tempe, Arizona to take on ASU

* Parker Cup: March 16, 2013 – SDSU faces traditional rivals LMU & UCI for the Parker Cup in Misson Bay

* The San Diego Crew Classic: April 6 & 7 – SDSU will enter a varsity 8, two novice 8s and lightweight 8 against schools from across the nation.

* WIRA: April 28, 2013 – SDSU travels to Sacramento to race the majority of the crews on the west coast

* ACRA Championship: May 26, 2013 – SDSU hopes to qualify for the ACRA championships in Georgia once again.  (This race is now considered the club sports teams’ National Championship)


Boat Dedications

This year, at the H. Del Beekley Rowing Foundation meeting, we will be dedicating 3 new shells that have been donated to the SDSU Crew Team!

* The Eric Barge
This brand new Resolute Eight was purchased by Josh Gruenberg and is being named after former rower Eric Barge. Eric rowed during the mid-1980s for SDSU, and has been a supporter of the team ever since. When he is not seen watching the Aztecs on the water, he can often be seen at SDSU football games. The varsity guys will be the first team to ever row in this shell, and it is the most state of the art shell available.

Scott Petry used his connections to the Cal rowing program to purchase two lightly used Vespoli 8s.  These two new shells are significantly faster than anything the team currently rows in, and was manufactured with the latest technologies.  It is my understanding that the names are being kept secret until their unveiling over Crew Classic weekend

* The Emilia William
A few years ago, the SDSU Crew Team had amassed a $5,000 debt on a boat they had purchased.  When the team was unable to pay off that final payment, Chris Carlson stepped up and helped the team pay off that shell.  The boat had not been named, and the team has affectionally referred to it with a variety of names, including “The Black Boat” and “No Name”.  The team is happy to announce that this shell will be formally named “The Emilia William”, which is named after his two kids!  We will not be doing an official christening, as this shell is 10 years old, however, we wanted to recognize Chris and his family here.


Foundation News

*  Earlier this year, we ran a fundraising campaign to raise money to help update the team’s equipment.  Thanks to everyone who donated, as rowers from the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and 2000s all kicked in to help.  The team now has 3 new 8 man shells, several new sets of oars, 5 new “cox-boxes” (speakers to allow the coxswain to be heard by all 8 rowers in the boat) and we were able to fix a bunch of broken (or nearly broken) components on our boats.

*  The foundation also raised enough money to purchase two more “4” man shells from Cal.  There are some logistic hurdles (within the Cal program) to get these shells purchased, but we look forward to making an announcement on when these shells will arrive soon!


Old Trophies

Since the foundation has started, we’ve been working with the team to make sure that the traditions established by the team continue forward in time.  There are several old trophies that haven’t been seen around the program in many years.  If you have one of these old trophies, please let us know ( so that we can arrange for it to be returned to the team.


Crew Classic 2013

This year, the San Diego Crew classic takes place on the weekend of April 6 & 7.  This is one of the most exciting events on the rowing calendar.

H. Del Beekley Rowing Foundation Annual Meeting

* The H. Del Beekley Foundation Annual Meeting is taking place in the evening of April 6.  We are still looking for a place to hold the meeting.  At this annual meeting, we will discuss the state of the foundation, the state of the team, we set goals for the upcoming year, and the meeting culminates with the election of the next set of officers.  If you have anything specific you would like to see
addressed at the meeting, send an email to

Alumni Boat(s)

* Once again, the H. Del Beekley Rowing Foundation will be sponsoring at least one alumni boat.  We currently have an entry in the Alumni category, which pits alumni from different crew teams against one another.  Also, if enough people are interested, we could enter another boat into a “Masters” category.  Rowing in the event costs $100/person, which includes your H. Del Beekley dues, enterance to crew classic and food at the Crew Classic.  (Those who have donated at the Coach’s Club level ($730/year) who wish to row are able to row for free)

* For those who are not willing to put in the training for a 2000 meter race, but would be interested in getting back into a shell, we are exploring the possibility of an alumni row, where a group of rowers will head out for a non-competitive row one morning or evening. Let us know if you are interested in participating in this event. (

Alumni Tent

* The past 7 or 8 years the SDSU Alumni tent has fed hundreds of hungry rowers, alumni and family members.  This year will be no different as we will be cooking up Carne & Pollo Asada burritos for your enjoyment.  Dan Smith and Andy Olson will be there volunteering to cook, but with the team size having grown from year to year, we may need some more volunteers to help us cook/cut/serve. If you’d be interested in helping us out, let us know by sending an email to

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November 2012 Alumni Newsletter

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Nov 032012

Hi Everyone,

The fall rowing season is here!  In this month’s newsletter, we will cover the following topics:

*  Team Status
** Varsity 8
** Lightweight 4
** Novice Program
** USC Scrimmage
* Fall Schedule
* Fundraising Update
* Fall Alumni Event (Nov. 11)

Team Status

This year’s team is the largest team SDSU has fielded in the better part of a decade.  The team currently has a Varsity 8, a lightweight 4, and 3 full novice 8s.

Varsity 8:

This year’s varsity 8 features many returning rowers from last year’s squad, along with several novice’s that have returned from the previous season.  Unlike previous years, all 8 rowers are heavyweight guys, and will not be pulling double-duty with a lightweight boat!

Lightweight 4:

The 4 rowers that raced in the ARCA championships have graduated.  However, a new batch of lightweight rowers are looking forward to exceeding the accomplishments of last year’s 4.  One exciting thing is that this team is the first full time lightweight team SDSU has had in many years!

Novice 8s:

This year’s team has 3 full novice 8 boats at practice every morning.  The potential of this team is very exciting.  There are a few lightweights and heavyweights that are already surprising the coaches with solid erg scores.  The team has been rowing by 8s for the past couple of weeks, and have been improving greatly every morning.

USC Scrimmage:

On October 13, the USC Trojan Crew traveled to San Diego to perform a scrimmage against the SDSU Aztecs on Mission Bay.  USC has about the same number of rowers as SDSU, so this was a good chance for the two teams to get an early season indication of where each boat was.

The varsity 8 lost to USC’s team by a couple of boat lengths, however, they were significantly faster than they had been in years past.  The lightweight 4 followed the tradition of many previous SDSU lightweights by beating the USC heavyweight 4 by multiple boat lengths.

The first Novice 8 also lost by a couple of boat lengths to the top USC novice 8, however, they had an equipment failure during their piece, as well as an adventure trying to make a turn.  The second and third Novice 8s all won their pieces by a significant margin.

At this event, a large number of alumni (Gregg Buckley, Mark Leeds, Scott Dillard, Allan Miller, Mary Miller, Aaron Pollack, Josh Gruenberg, Michelle Pius, Eric Barge, Marisa Barge, Carter Goodnough & Dan Smith to name a few) fed the rowers after a morning on the water.  It was quite fun hearing old stories (some for the 10th time 🙂 ), and encouraging the current rowers

Fall Schedule

If you are around Southern California, and you want to watch a race, feel free to stop by and talk to the team & coaches:

Sunday, 11 November = “San Diego Fall Classic” on Mission Bay
Sunday, 18 November = “Head of the Harbor” in the LA Harbor.

Fundraising Update

Everyone from the foundation wants to thank you for your generosity.  We’ve received donations from over 25 people from all eras (1960s, 1970s, 1980s & 1990s), and many more have promised to contribute.  The total amount of the contributions already received is over $15, 000 and your generous donations keep rolling in!  Between what we have received already, and the commitments from our former rowers, we will have raised over $100,000!  Special thanks goes out to Josh Gruenberg for helping fundraise for a brand new Resolute and to Scott Petry, who worked his contacts at Cal to help donate two like-new boats and some oars to the team.

We are encouraging all former athletes to donate something.  It’s a great opportunity to support the team, and let’s get donors from all of the eras to help rebuild the team!  Feel free to contact us ( if you have any questions.

Fall Alumni Event (Nov. 11)

The past several years, SDSU Crew has hosted a fall event for our alumni.  This year’s event will be on November 11, at the north end of Ski Beach.  The festivities begin at about 7:30AM, where we will be able to watch the teams race.  The last rowers should be approaching the finish line around 10AM. Once the racing is finished, we will dedicate a new shell called the “Henley ‘85”.  This boat is going to recognize the 1985 team that represented SDSU in the famous regatta.

The Board of Directors at the Foundation is going to provide some food for this event.  Andy has volunteered to provide some of his tasty smoked meats, and there will be some other munchies there, too.  Let us know if you want to attend, so we can provide enough treats for everyone!


Donations are always accepted, and as a 501(c)3, any donation to the Beekley Rowing Foundation is tax deductible.  Feel free to contact us ( or at:
H. Del Beekley Rowing Foundation

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Late March 2012 Newsletter

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Mar 302012

Hello Former Rowers, Alumni and Rowing Supporters,

The San Diego Crew Classic is rapidly approaching, March 31 & April 1.  This is the biggest event on the Beekley Foundation’s calendar.  Like every year, it’s a great opportunity to meet the current rowers on the team, see alumni from years past that you have not seen in many years, and be able to set the direction for the foundation for the next year (including electing the next set of officers).  Keep reading below for more information about the Crew Classic:

Crew Classic
* Team events
* Annual Foundation Meeting
* Concert
Team Schedule after Crew Classic
Team spot on ESPNU


Crew Classic

As noted above, the Crew Classic is right around the corner.  Come stop by, watch the team race and enjoy a beautiful weekend on the bay.


Crew Classic Team Events

This year, the SDSU Men’s Crew team will be sponsoring 2 entries.  The Varsity 8 races on Saturday at 7:40 AM against Drexel, Notre Dame, USD, UCLA, Rollins & Arizona State.  (Depending on how they finish, they could race again Saturday afternoon (3:30PM), or Sunday morning (8:40AM or 10:30AM).

The Men’s Novice race begins on Saturday at 10:20AM. The “novies” will face UC Davis, Gonzaga, Rollins, University of British Columbia, Champan and UCSB.  If the team finishes in the top 4 spots in their heat, they will either race at 5:30PM on Saturday evening or at 11AM on Sunday morning.

The Beekley Rowing Foundation has also sponsored an alumni boat.  That boat races on Sunday at 12:20 against Rollins Alumni, UCSB Alumni, Santa Clara Alumni, Brown Alumni, Crew Runnings and Notre Dame Alumni.


Crew Classic Foundation Meeting

This year we will be having our annual foundation meeting at 5PM at Woodstock’s Pizza in Pacific Beach.  We’ve arranged to make this meeting a fundraiser for the team as well.  Present the attached coupon to the Woodstock’s staff when you order, and the team will get 25% of your purchase.  (We will have extra coupons at the race course on Saturday if you forget to print out your own)

As usual, the meeting agenda is filling up.  If there is anything specific you would like to see discussed, please let us know ( or bring it up during the Open Forum.

Beekley Foundation Meeting
Woodstock’s Pizza

I. Welcome & Introductions (Foundation President, Jake Wittler)
II. Team Status (Team President Lawson Navarro)
III. Foundation “Year in Review” (Foundation Secretary Dan Smith)

i. Frequent Emails

ii. War Games

iii. Padre Game

iv. SDSU Baseball Game (May 2012)

IV. Foundation Financial Review (Foundation Treasurer Jon Singer)
V. Desire to get more people involved (Foundation Vice President Andy Olson)
VI. Open Forum
VII.  Election of Officers (Jake Wittler & Andy Olson)


Crew Classic BBQ

Once again, the Foundation will be putting together a BBQ on Sunday, April 1.  We will have our normal Carne & Pollo Asada Burritos for your enjoyment.  This is a great place to sit back and watch the races while meeting new people and seeing old friends.

The team will be selling gear for you to purchase.  If you need a new SDSU Crew Shirt, hat, sweatshirt, bumper sticker or any other goodie, this is a great opportunity to pick it up!


Crew Classic Concert

For those of you who enjoy good beer and good music, the Crew Classic is hosting a new event called the “Brew and Crew.”  This event features 15 local breweries sampling beer, plus musicians.  Tickets are $40, and they include 10 beer tastings, plus admission to the main Crew Classic racecourse.


Team Schedule after Crew Classic

The Crew Classic marks the start of the second half of the year for the team.  The schedule is as follows:

4/14 → Covered Bridge Regatta in Dexter, OR
4/21 → Parker Cup in Newport Beach, CA
4/28 – 4/29 → WIRA races on Lake Natoma, CA

If you happen to be in the area on one of those weekends, stop by and support the team!

Team Spot on ESPN U

Earlier this season, the SDSU Men’s Crew team filmed a spot that will air on the Jumbotron at Crew Classic, plus will be shown on ESPN U during the telecast of Crew Classic.  Make sure that you find the time to watch this!


Donations are always accepted, and as a 501(c)3, any donation to the Beekley Rowing Foundation is tax deductible.  Feel free to contact us ( or at:

H. Del Beekley Rowing Foundation

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March 2012 Newsletter

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Mar 042012

Hi Everyone,

The spring racing season is almost upon us!  The team has been putting in the effort to get faster this year, and we have lots to discuss!  Also, the San Diego Crew Classic is quickly closing in, and this year would be a great year for you to attend if you haven’t been in a few years!

Team Update
Crew Classic – March 31 & April 1
SDSU Baseball Event – May 5
Team Fundraisers
* Crew Classic
* Escript
* Rent A Rower


Team Update

The team keeps growing in size.  During the winter break, the members of the team were actively running around the SDSU campus recruiting new rowers. All said, 7 new rowers and 4 new coxswains have signed up to represent the red and black!

The team has continued fundraising for a new racing shell.  Over $2000 has been raised and the team is continuing to raise more money.  Feel free to contact us or them if you are interested in donating to this cause, otherwise, try to participate in one of the many fundraisers the team has going!

The spring season has just begun.  The team is in the midst of racing every week for the next 4 weeks.  Next weekend they travel to Newport Beach to race against USD, UCSB, UCI, Long Beach and UCSD.  The following weekend (March 10), they head out to Arizona for a race against ASU in the Desert Sprints.  The next weekend, they will be on Lake Natoma in a dual-meet against UC Davis.

After that, the team takes a weekend off to prepare for the Crew Classic!  See the team’s full schedule here:


Crew Classic

This year, the Crew Classic will be on March 31 & April 1.  This is a great event for everyone to attend, especially if you haven’t attended for a few years!

The SDSU Men’s team is looking to enter 3 events this year.  Also, an Alumni boat, consisting of rower from the early 2000s will be participating on Sunday!
As usual, the Foundation will be putting together our annual BBQ on Sunday.  We’ll be cooking up Carne & Pollo Asada Burritos, along with various snacks. This a good opportunity to mingle with fellow alumni, meet the current rowers and see lots of rowing!

The Crew Classic also represents the time when the foundation hosts our annual meeting.  We are still working on a final location and time, however, the meeting will likely be at 5PM at the Woodstock’s Pizza in Pacific Beach.  (We are trying to work out a system where a percentage of everyone’s purchases goes to the team)

This event is designed to elect the foundation leadership, review what has been accomplished in the past year, and to set the direction of the foundation over the next year.  It typically takes about 90 minutes, and it is worth your time.


SDSU Baseball Event

On May 5, the foundation is putting together another event.  This time, we will be attending the SDSU baseball game at Tony Gywnn Stadium.  Tickets are $8, and we will likely meet up at a restaurant before the game.  We’ll have full details available at Crew Classic!


Team Fundraisers!

Crew Classic Tickets

The team is still selling tickets to the Crew Classic!  For $10, you’ll gain admission into the festivities, and the team will get $2.  Your last day to get the discount is  March 16, so contact Lawson (the team president) ASAP!


The team had been using eScript for Vons Club customers, however, they have recently discontinued that program.  However, by entering your credit card information, the team will earn 2.5% whenever you dine at a participating restaurant.  To enroll, follow these instructions:

Click the “Join Now” Button.
Create an account (if you don’t have one, or re-login with your existing eScript information)
Click on the “Add Cards” link.
Enter your credit card information.  (You will not get charged)
That’s it!

Rent a Rower

As usual, the team is willing to extend a helping hand to your manual labor chores.  With a simple email to Coach (Brian Robison <>), he can arrange to have many young men arrive at your house to perform this work!  All it takes is a donation to the team to make it happen!  The rowers are able to work off their annual dues this way!


Beekley Foundation Information

The Beekley Foundation was founded by SDSU Rowing Alumni with the intention of pooling together our resources to help SDSU Crew regain the competitive level it once held.  If you are interested in making a donation, please contact us ( or by mailing a check to:

H. Del Beekley Rowing Foundation

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Late Summer Newsletter!

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Aug 142011

Hello Fellow SDSU Rowing Alumni, Family & Friends!

The foundation has lots of exciting information to share with you in this late summer newsletter: As always, keep an eye on our website ( for the latest updates!
Table of Contents:
1.  Alumni Event @ Angels Stadium on August 20
2.  Del Mar Horse Races (Date TBD)
3.  Aztec War Games/Fall Alumni Weekend (Oct 8 -9)
3.1 Alumni vs.Team Race (Oct. 8 )
3.2 Boat Dedication (Oct. 8 )
3.3 Football tailgate before SDSU/TCU (Oct. 8 )
3.4 Golf Tournament (Oct. 9)
4.  Crew Team Update
5.  Foundation Update
Let’s get started!
1.  Alumni Event @ Angels Stadium
Alumni Dan Smith (Rowed 1997-1999 & current foundation secretary) is heading to Angel Stadium next Saturday, August 20 to watch the Angels take on the Baltimore Orioles at 6:35PM.  He has invited all alumni to come join him.  Tickets are going to be about $30 each.  This is a good chance for Orange County alumni to get back in touch with the team and foundation!  However, those living in San Diego shouldn’t feel left out.  Angel Stadium is a short train-ride away!   Take Amtrak train 785 (leaves Solana Beach @ 4:35PM) to Angel Stadium.  You can catch a ride home on train 592 leaving the stadium @ 9:11PM.  Respond to this email if you are interested in going.  He will be purchasing tickets no later than Wednesday this week.

2.  Del Mar Horseraces

Alumni Mike Clodfelter has offered to put together a day at the Del Mar Races.  The season runs until Sept. 7, so stay tuned for an update!

3.  Aztec War Games/Fall Alumni Weekend

It’s time to mark your calendars for the Aztec War Games/Fall Alumni weekend.  This year, the event will take place on the weekend of October 8/9.  The members of the foundation are hoping that we are able to re-connect with a large number of alumni this weekend, as the goal is to turn this event into the fall version of the “Crew Classic”
3.1  Alumni vs Team Race
Grab your rowing gear and jump into a shell.  The current rowers on the team have challenged the alumni to a race.  This is a good chance to get back in the waters of Mission Bay, and a fun way to find your favorite seat in a rowing shell.  Let us know if you’re willing to compete, because the foundation is trying to acquire some “competitor” shirts for the participants.

3.2 Boat Dedication

The family of Alumni Andy Drilling have recently donated a shell to the program in honor of his grandparents.  The shell has been named “William Francis.”  After the race, we look forward to christening this new shell!

3.3  Tailgate before SDSU/TCU Football Game

After the morning rowing events, enjoy an afternoon in San Diego, before heading to Qualcomm Stadium to watch the SDSU/TCU football game.  The game kicks off at 7:30PM, and it’s a good chance to see SDSU’s much-improved football team play last year’s Rose Bowl Champions.  The foundation will be tailgating before the game and we hope that you can join us!

3.4  Golf Tournament

On Sunday, we are putting together the Second Annual Beekley Foundation Golf Tournament.  This year we will be playing at Mission Trails Golf Course.  Once again, it will be a 4 man scramble.  Let us know if you are interested in playing, so we can reserve a spot for you.  (If you can’t put together a 4 person team, but still want to play, let us know, and we will pair you up with other alumni!)

4.  Crew Team Update
This year, the team looks forward to having its biggest returning class in many years.  There are 16 to 18 rowers that will be returning!  (While many of us remember having much larger returning classes in the past, this is really exciting, as just 2 years ago, there were only 5 returning rowers)  The team is going to hit the recruiting trail hard once school starts on August 29.  The team was also recruiting players at the Freshman Orientation a few weeks ago, and they are looking forward to growing!  If you have any questions, feel free to contact the coach (Brian Robison: for more information.  He has also invited our alumni to come down to the boat-house to observe a practice if you’re interested!
In our next newsletter, we hope to have the schedule posted for everyone!  Also, be aware that the Crew Classic will be taking place on the March 31 & April 1.

5.   Foundation Update

The foundation still continues to work to raise money to support the team and to keep our alumni in touch with what’s going on.  We look forward to hearing more from our alumni regarding what they want to hear regarding the team, and ideas that our alumni base has for events or fundraising opportunities.  We’ve been excited to see some of our alumni get involved with the program again, and we are looking forward to hearing from more alumni!  Send us an email to catch up, join our alumni group on LinkedIn or follow the foundation on Twitter!
All of us in the Beekley Rowing Foundation thank for supporting the team!
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